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What GDPR means for you?

As a current or future client of i-Image IT Ltd, now is a great time for you to begin preparing for the GDPR as a data controller. Consider these tips:

Get to know GDPR: Firstly familiarise yourself with the new regulation, particularly how it may differ from your current data protection obligations and consider the relationships you have with both your clients and suppliers. Also, note the variance of local provisions which may be superseded by the new regulations when they become EU law in May 2018. Be aware that new requirements may require new solutions that meet the stringent requirements ahead.

Understand why you collect and hold data: Consider creating an updated and precise inventory of personal information that you control. Review your current processes to ensure that they’re up to scratch, and build a plan to address any gaps. Here are some things you can do today:

  1. Review your field maps
  2. Review your process documentation
  3. Ensure you have a lawful basis for processing the data

Stay informed: Stay abreast of updated regulatory guidance as it becomes available and consider consulting a legal expert to obtain guidance applicable to you. We recommend regular review of the Information Commissioner’s website, which is the UK representative within the EU working group: Article 29.

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